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Open positions

About PWN

<aside> 📍 **PWN is the most universal, oracle-free, P2P lending protocol, providing maximum asset utilization. Deployed on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Base, Cronos and Mantle.

Our goal is to unlock the next generation of financial services to the unbanked!** The time is now — the revolution will be tokenized!


About us

At PWN, we are explorers. We’re also tinkerers with the mindset of a certain sort of mad scientist. We're not afraid to break things in order to build them back better. If you want to join us, we’d expect the same from you.

We are navigating uncharted waters of the crypto ecosystem, with a particular interest in the rapidly evolving area of decentralized finance and tokenization of assets.

PWN means radical openness

While your job might have somewhat of a formal description, we’re certainly not looking to squeeze you into a fixed-size cubicle. In fact, the very opposite is true - we’d like to set things up so that they suit your individual needs. We welcome innovation and unconventional thinking that will get us closer to making PWN an exceptional product!

We're remote, but not alone

You can work from anywhere in the world — no matter the location nor the timezone. And even though that means we're dispersed across the globe, we always find a way to connect and meet in person. Be it conferences, team holidays, or simply ad-hoc meetups, the PWN team makes sure to stay in close touch!


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